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    Garden Service

    Garden Services Perth and Northern Suburbs Perth

    Garden services are essential to keep your gardens clean and healthy. Living Fresh Cleaning has been providing the best garden clean-up services, covering lawn mowing, turf installation, garden design and implementation, cleaning maintenance while thriving to leave it green and fresh.

    Our garden clean up services for Northern Suburbs of Perth includes careful removal of weeds, fallen leaves, dried twigs, and other debris from garden beds and pathways. We pride ourselves in offering attention to detail in restoring the appearance of your gardens to make it look incredible. Garden waste can take up a lot of space in your garden and it will barely let you enjoy the beautiful garden. Living Fresh Cleaning experts have specialized tools and equipment to safely remove any green waste. We recommend not to risk yourself by moving everything into bins.

    Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Perth

    Perfectly mowed lawn enhances the beauty of your garden. We truly believe to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our specialized lawn mowing and maintenance services. Our regular lawn moving includes

    • Pruning of shrubs and trees
    • Edge trimming
    • Weed removal
    • Fertilizing
    • Watering, etc.
    Turf Installation Perth and Northern Suburbs Perth

    We prepare your lands to roll on new turf for your property. Cleaning and leveling the ground to give an even shape will help lawns to look amazing. If you want to do the soil preparation and want us to install only lawns then we can provide it at half the price. We have educated staff who know the ways to install lawns that last long and gives value to your money.

    Whether it is a commercial or residential space in Perth, we provide architectural garden design and implementation that enhance the settings of your building.

    Are you looking for garden services and clean-ups in Perth or Northern Suburbs of Perth? You can make the most use of services to promote uniform and healthy plant growth.